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Promoting Diversity and Inclusion Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

At MUFG, our vision for promoting diversity is "Enlighten, Encourage, Empower-Work together as a Group to exceed customer expectations."
Currently, customer needs are becoming more and more diverse. Through such means as recognizing each other's differences, leveraging the diverse personalities of individuals, and unleashing the various ideas and dynamism of the human resources within the MUFG Group, we will continue to exceed the expectations of our customers and engage in various initiatives.

Our vision

MUFG recognizes a diversity-oriented corporate culture as fundamental to realizing its medium- to long-term vision of becoming the world's most trusted financial group. Specifically, we must create an organization that welcomes people with diverse values, backgrounds, and perceptions of work and encourage them to respect and inspire each other while allowing them to freely pursue personal growth and career success.
Our vision
(As of March 2019)
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